Dear Darryl

Wow you were fantastic, perfect and the highlight of the day, you reminded us all why we do our job and the value of the person we put into the job and most importantly, you have reminded jaded eyes how important empathy and communication is. We should get you to talk to every doctor and nurse in the world.
No one could believe that you had not done that talk several times before. I'm really proud of you for the incredible way you are living your life.

Thank you so much.

Melanie Proper, Brisbane

Hello Darryl

Thanks so much for sharing your journey yesterday.  I was humbled by the experience you and your family undertook.

It certainly made me aware of my family and the impact for us.  I don’t know you at all Darryl, however, I am so proud that you chose to fight and take on the challenge to live!  I believe there is clearly still a place in this world for you in order to make a difference – you have for me.

Toni Allan, Brisbane


The Miracle Ride documentary is now available to view and share online.



Dear Martin

We are eternally grateful for your tireless efforts in attending to Anne's injuries during her stay at the RBWH. The high level of professionalism and competency you displayed was most commendable.

Anne and Brian Druitt, Bundaberg



Thank you for being such a brilliant mentor over the past 9 weeks. It has been a privilege and honour to work as your apprentice; pushing me when I was slack and inspiring me when I was weak. For sharing your experience, guidance, patience, generosity, mateship and support I am most grateful.

Andy Cahill, Sydney



Thank you for your presentation on Monday – your story was so absorbing I didn’t want the session to end. You’ve certainly been on an incredible journey and have much to share. I can’t help thinking that many people will benefit because this has happened to such an articulate and thoughtful person.

Good luck with your continued recovery, and I look forward to viewing your DVD when it’s available.

Sandy Anderson, Brisbane