About Darryl

Darryl O’Callaghan lives in Brisbane Australia with his wife Julie and daughters Siana and Mila.

Having survived horrific injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, considered by doctors to be unsurvivable, Darryl now wishes to use his experience of overcoming adversity to help others.  He aims to do this through ‘one on one’ mentoring, public speaking and sharing his story, Miracle Ride, in the hope that it may make a difference in someone’s life. 

Darryl died no less than six times, spent close to three weeks in an induced coma, five weeks in ICU, five months in hospital and underwent no less than eighteen operations in the first eighteen months following the accident.  He truly understands what it is to have to literally fight for your life and then your quality of life. He has had to learn how to breathe again, walk again and live again...all against a backdrop of constant pain and a body that was badly broken. He has spent more than six years in rehab and still the journey for him continues. While in hospital he spent much of his time building a mental map of how he could traverse his way to the top of what was for him, an 'Everest like' mountain.

He now wants to use his experience to help others to navigate their way through what appears to be an insurmountable challenge and in doing so, not only achieve a better outcome but a better life.

Darryl holds a Masters of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate of Management and Associate Diploma of Engineering.



The Miracle Ride documentary is now available to view and share online.


Wow, you were fantastic, perfect and the highlight of the day
— Melanie Proper, Brisbane