Our Purpose

Helping People to Overcome adversity...

Our name, Red Blanket Miracle represents the gift of a second chance of life. The term 'Red Blanket' is the medical system/processes/human factor and the 'Miracle' is God's input to bring about an amazing outcome against impossible odds.

The Red Blanket Miracle project and the video Miracle Ride have been created with one simple purpose in mind, to help people understand that when faced with adversity and when all appears lost...there is still hope.


Both Darryl O'Callaghan, Dr Martin Wullschleger and Julie Vermeir want to use their life experiences of achieving positive outcomes against the odds (such as that of a Red Blanket situation) to help equip others to do the same. They aim to do this through mentoring all kinds of people from all walks of life.  Whether that be through group presentations or more personalised 'one on one' mentoring the targeted outcome is still the same…help people to overcome adversity. To rise above, what others believed was insurmountable, by using their God given potential.



The Miracle Ride documentary is now available to view and share online.



I believe there is clearly still a place in this world for you in order to make a difference...you have for me
— Toni Allan, Brisbane

Martin, Julie and Darryl hope that by assisting others to overcome their own challenges, that those individuals in turn will go on to help other people achieve the same. Thereby, creating a powerful network of mentors that share a common passion of making a difference in someone's life.