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Julie Vermeir is a Belgian national who has lived in Brisbane since 2004. She is married to Darryl and mother to their young daughters Siana and Mila.

Julie has travelled the world extensively, experiencing many cultures and developing a strong appreciation for the diversity those cultures bring.  She is fluent in three languages French, Flemish and English.

Julie is a person who has endured much adversity through her life and been faced with many confronting situations of which the video Miracle Ride documents just one of those.  Throughout her life she has developed incredible inner strength and learnt how to fight when all appears to be lost.  

In July 2010, Julie was holidaying with her 10 month old baby girl Siana and family in France when she received a phone call from Australia. That call shattered her world. She was told her husband Darryl had been involved in a terrible motorcycle accident and was not expected to live through the night. She traveled for 30 hours with their baby back home to Brisbane, not knowing if Darryl would be alive when she landed.  Julie spent the next three weeks at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital ICU at Darryl's bedside, praying for him to wake from his induced coma. Dr Martin the trauma surgeon credited with saving Darryl's life and Julie shared many a story as they waited patiently for Darryl to open his eyes again. Several years on and Julie is still by Darryl's side, encouraging him every day with his mountainous journey to reclaim his life. 

In 2013, Darryl and Julie celebrated the birth of their second daughter Mila, whose name is Spanish for the word 'miracle'. Dr Martin is Mila's very proud God Father.

Julie, Darryl and Martin understand that an accident impacts many lives, and many of those affected often suffer in silence as attention tends to be directed solely to the initial victim.

Julie now draws upon her own personal experiences to help guide, encourage and inspire those individuals who are silent victims of trauma and people struggling to overcome their own challenges which life sometimes throws at us.

Julie holds a Degree in Behavioural Science (Hons) (Psych), Degree in Journalism and Communication, a Diploma of International Business and a Diploma of Management. Julie is currently a PhD candidate in Cognitive Psychology.

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The Miracle Ride documentary is now available to view and share online.


It’s so nice to meet someone who knows what you’re going through without having to say a word